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Industrial And Special Hazard Fire System


In select locations FireMaster can perform installation and service of specialized fire suppression equipment or systems used to protect sensitive work areas such as data centers, telecommunications rooms, computer hardware and storage rooms and other specialized hazards.

FireMaster provides sales and service of multiple lines of clean agent special hazard systems.


ANSUL® SAPPHIRE® fixed nozzle, fire suppression systems use 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid for total flooding applications. The agent has 0.0 ozone depletion potential, an atmospheric lifetime of just five days, and a global warming potential of 1.0. Every SAPPHIRE system is custom engineered for the specific application using the most effective, yet efficient arrangement of storage, actuation, distribution and discharge components.


ANSUL® INERGEN® systems protect enclosed areas where there is a need for quick reaction to a fire, where people may be present, where fire may strike day or night, and where damage from conventional agents cannot be tolerated. This environment-friendly, people-safe agent boasts ZERO ozone depletion potential, ZERO global warming potential, and ZERO atmospheric lifetime global warming potential.

Pyro-Chem FM 200

Pyro-Chem FM 200 suppression systems have integrated state-of-the-art fire detection technology and clean-agent chemistry designed to provide cost effective fire protection for applications containing high value critical data and sensitive equipment. FM-200 Clean Agent fire suppression systems provide an environmentally acceptable solution for your fire protection needs where clean-up presents a problem, where electrically non-conductive medium is needed and where people compatibility is an overriding factor.

In addition to these clean agent products and systems, FireMaster also sells and services pre-engineered fire suppression systems for paint spray booths, flammable liquid storage rooms, and various types of industrial applications.

Some of the plant hazards we protect are listed below:

  • Bag Houses
  • Motor Control Rooms and Load Centers
  • Conveyor Drives
  • Paint Booths
  • Flammable Storage lockers
  • Computer Rooms and server racks
  • Archive and map rooms
  • Fuel Island Systems

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