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Own Your Own 9 to 5 with a FireMaster Franchise

Starting a new business from scratch is incredibly difficult and incredibly risky. FireMaster provides you with the means to enjoy all the perks associated with running your own business and your nine-to-five while significantly reducing the risk. Instead of attempting to build a business from the ground up, FireMaster provides you with an already successful business model and brand, as well as many valuable resources so you can finally be your own boss. We’re one of the top franchise opportunities for veterans.

Do you dread the idea of spending the rest of your day at the beck and call of an employer? Do you long to create a workday that belongs to you? Then FireMaster is exactly what you’re looking for. We provide you with the opportunity to be your own boss. We also provide you with the resources and education to fully understand how to be your own boss and establish a business you’ll be proud of.



Low Franchise Fees to Start

Few people are fully prepared for just how much it costs to build a new business. FireMaster provides you with a significantly more affordable option. We've worked hard to keep both our startup and training fees low. The low franchise startup costs enable you to have your exciting new business up and running right away! Financing and veteran finance funding are available.

Don’t Need a Brick and Mortar Location

We want to keep the cost of owning a franchise low. One of the reasons we're a more affordable franchising option than others is because we don't require that you invest in an expensive commercial building. A white truck or van is all you need to get started. The lack of commercial space reduces the amount of time it takes to get your new business up and running.

Focus On Quality Service

Providing top-quality service to both our franchisees and your clients is our highest priority. One of the ways we handle this is taking on the responsibility of all back-office administrative, clerical, and bookkeeping support.

15% Military Discount

There's nothing we love more than supporting our veterans. This is why we're one of the best military veteran franchise opportunities you'll find. In addition to taking an active interest in each veteran that becomes a FireMaster franchisee, we offer a 15% military discount, making us one of the most affordable franchises for veterans to buy.

More of a Partnership

We want your FireMaster business to be as successful as possible which is why we serve more as a partnership than a traditional franchisor. As part of this partnership, you'll enjoy weekly check-ins, dispatch calls to you, continuing education, etc.
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FireMaster is a franchise opportunity that provides fire equipment and fire suppression system sales, service, and installation. We currently have 13 regions in eight states, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. Individuals just like yourself who dreamed of owning their own business and who were willing to invest in a franchise opportunity work closely with our clients and provide outstanding fire suppression services that keep both the business and the community safe.

In general, a FireMaster service franchisee purchases the right to perform a specific category of fire protection services to customers of FireMaster located within an exclusive geographic territory defined by zip codes. Franchisees perform services using our model and procedures at our customers’ facilities, according to applicable federal, state, and local laws or regulations and industry standards.

As a FireMaster franchisee, you’ll enjoy back-office administrative, clerical, and bookkeeping support that allows you to focus your energy on providing top-notch fire suppression services.

Contact us and learn how the FireMaster franchise will allow you to finally own your nine-to-five.

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