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FireMaster Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

We often have many questions about how our franchises operate and how to get started with owning a FireMaster franchise. Browse our list of frequently asked questions and reach out to us today for more information!


How Does FireMaster Operate?

Regional Offices:

  • In areas where FireMaster operates (Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wyoming)
  • Typically will include a warehouse and a shop as well as customer service and management services


Headquarters Office:

  • Located in Fort Myers, FL
  • Provides leadership, customer service, management and financial operations for all regions
  • Manages procurement and ensures the local warehouses remain stocked with services or install materials
  • Franchisee commissions are computed at the corporate office and paid to the franchisees twice a month through direct deposit
  • Franchisees get their work from the regional office and return the completed work orders for invoicing

What Does It Mean to Be a Franchise Owner?

A FireMaster franchise is an agreement of limited exclusivity to service FireMaster’s customers in a territory:


  • Complete the work using FireMaster’s policies and procedures and under FireMaster trademarks
  • Request materials from a local warehouse and pay a portion of the costs
  • Upon Invoicing, be awarded a commission for completing the work
  • Receive reports, 4 times a week, which should show all pending commissions, material charges and other adjustments

What are the Expectations of a FireMaster Franchise Owner?

As a FireMaster Franchise Owner, you are expected to:

  • Maintain skills, equipment, and licenses necessary to perform the work authorized
  • Complete the work to industry standards and in line with FireMaster policies and trademarks
  • Complete service orders within the prescribed service window
  • Solicit for additional authorized services to grow your territory
  • Turn in your completed work in weekly according to company specifications

What Does Master Protection do for Franchisees?

The local and corporate Offices of Master Protection perform most back-office functions for the franchisees including:


  • Customer service (taking service calls, dispatching, etc)
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Warehousing and purchasing
  • Service schedule setup
  • Legal contract terms review
  • Marketing material creation
  • National and regional account coordination
  • Bid and quote submittal
  • Policy, procedures, and operational guidance
  • Assistance with service scheduling


FireMaster provides all of the back-office functions for the franchise owners

What are the Startup Costs for Owning a Franchise?

While actual individual FireMaster startup costs vary, they generally include:

  • A service vehicle that meets FireMaster standards
  • Tools necessary to perform the services
  • Initial materials for service and sale
  • Franchise fees (fees can be financed)
  • Uniforms (first set provided)
  • State or local licensing
  • Insurance per company requirements

What Makes an Effective Franchise Owner?

  • Passionate about providing excellent customer service
  • Performs work in accordance with state and local codes
  • Not afraid to demonstrate or speak about their product to customers or groups
  • Understands the value of cold-calling in this type of business
  • Subscribes to the company code of ethics
  • Willing to commit at least 40 hours a week
  • Understands “time is money” and schedules their week with minimal downtime
  • Self-motivated and driven to succeed

What Regions are FireMaster Franchises Available?

FireMaster currently has many opportunities available in:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida


These franchises offer the following services:

  • Portable extinguisher
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning – low licensing requirements


FireMaster franchises also have specialized franchise opportunities available in certain markets for special hazards, emergency lights, and other life-safety services.

Can I Own More Than One Franchise?

Yes, but we don’t generally recommend that as an initial franchisee.

How Much Money Do You Make as a Franchise Owner?

How much money you make as a FireMaster franchise owner varies depending on the commission rates by-product from 52% to 65% with additional kickers and cost discounts available. How much you make is highly dependent on how well you operate the franchise.

Can I Have Another Job?

We typically don’t recommend this. Owning a FireMaster franchise is a full-time job and requires you to be the boss that keeps things running smoothly. Anything that interferes with the operation of your franchise will just make it more difficult to become successful.

What are the Advantages of Owning a Franchise?

The biggest advantage to being a FireMaster Franchise owner is the simple fact that you get to be your own boss! You set the hours, you make the schedule, you run the show! FireMaster helps provide you with all the tools you need in your to see your franchise succeed.


I am a licensed or certified technician seeking employment rather than a franchise – do you have employee technicians?

Yes we do. Our use of employee technicians is limited but we do have some. Many times we employ technicians temporarily until we develop enough business in a particular territory to grant a franchise. We also sometimes have permanent technician positions that are used to assist busy franchise owners with their backlog. Use the form below to submit your information and we will contact you if we have opportunities.